ASS: I suggest you please rethink what you're saying because...

Nadege - February 25 2010, 1:44 PM


I suggest you please rethink what you're saying because it doesn't make much sense.


Aristide called for an ARMS embargo to disarm the military (Who the CIA trained, armed, and funded) in the early 1990's because they were murdering too many Haitians.

He was not even in power - it was Cedras who was in power - murdering Haitians.

Aristide was in Washington after the US kidnapped him the first time.

Look into the period of 2001 where he spent 4 years in office before he was coup-knapped.

This is when the US got pissed off because he won a second term. This is when they cut off aid and placed another slick embargo on him, while funneling a bunch of money to the NGO's (CIA front

I guess you didn't bother to watch the video.

Please look to facts to formulate an opinion.



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Nadege I really respect your opinion on this blog but...


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Since no one wants to believe me, believe the Americans who clearly admitted that the Haitian economy was in shambles...

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