Pierre F. Lherisson, You couldn't have said it any better. Oh...

Tiba - February 26 2010, 6:48 AM

Pierre F. Lherisson,

You couldn't have said it any better.

Oh, wait! I could have said it better if it wasn't for my "limited" English proficiency, but for the time being "chapo ba" to you.

I must say this is the kinda things that keep feeding my frustration and impatience with these so-called Haitian leaders.

These incompetent, mediocre, brain dead morons have no concept of what's called "ALTERNATIVE" strategy.

These miserable, disgusted "imbeciles" have been operating this way for the past 200 years and they show no sign of learning anything new.

According to the great theorists like the caveman and the monkeys who are doing flip-flapping on the trees in the African jungles, you cannot stop or change something, or the way of living of somebody let alone a people without offering first an alternative to them. We all can agree that the people must vancant the school campus, but to go where exactly?

If the so-called Haitian government had a well functioning brain capable to rational thinking, and if they really care about the people they were elected/selected to serve and protect, they would realize that it is their job and solumn duty to 1) think about safety for the 12,000 people on that school ground, 2) to look for a suitable location to house all the 12,000 people, 3) to provide a system/strategy/a mean of relocation to them either ground transportation, or airlifting, or naval transport depending on where the location is.

This is how a well "sober" competent government with the know-how that has respect, empathy, and caring for its people acts with its people in such a time of great need.

Unfortunately, the Haitian government is always more interested at humiliating the Haitian people by stripping them of their dignity and integrity.

This is the government so many Haitians are supporting and applauding becuase they don't know any better.

This government really makes me want to vomit.

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