Fake Polarization betw Christians and Voodooists

Pierre F. Lherisson - March 1 2010, 9:52 AM

According to the website Kreyol network dated February 24, 2010 there is polarization in Haiti between the Christians and the Voodooists.

Christians are attacking the Vodooists with rocks etc..

It appears the so called Haitian Christians especially those belongs to the protestant denominations are being manipulated, financed by foreign powers to destroy the Haitian society for their benefits.

They want to create a bloodshed in Haiti.

History repeats itself not necessary in the same fashion but the premises remains constant.

We have all kind of foreign foxes crisscrossing the country in quest of information about the Haitian society under dubious pretext.

Plateau Central area is one of their favorite destination.

The following web site has nothing to do with Haiti but it is very enlightening about those foreign foxes activities.


The second website give details about the so called "clash of religion"in Haiti

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Linda says...

Mr. L'Herisson, I've been sounding the alarm for years about those that you call the "foreign foxes;" I am happy to... more »