Preval com 2 d festival n FL talk to usmay 19

New Kid On The Block - April 22 2007, 2:38 PM

Jules your idea is good, but we need a frame work in place to make it happen, As I said it over and over, preval has an obligation to come in all haitian community in the diaspora, such as NY, MASS, PHILA, NJ, FL, CONN, MONTREAL and more just to talk to the haitian people one on one by explainning to them, what's needed to be done in haiti, Preval suppose to come with a plan well detailed, how much money he is going to need to hire more police, how much money he will need for road, education, electricity, developement for tourism.

if preval does that, he will bring great motivation among the haiaitan community in the diaspora, and I know for fact the haitian community will be willing to donate more money than they have to move haiti foward.

because les linges sales se lavent en famille, before we expose our misery to others country it is better to expose it to the children of the nation.

Prevel governement has to much pride.

they refuse to communicate with the haiti back bone I meant the diaspora.

Insatead they are begging some nation that are poorer than us such as cuba, guatemala, hunduras, salvador, those country as way poorer than haiti I am tired of seeing haiti put itself down in front of some poor country, I want preval to come in miami 19 of mai during the festival just to talk to the diaspora because during that time close to a half million haitian will be at this event help me pass the message guys!!!!


i think that will help haiti

tell me what ya think. i think we the diaspora's can make haiti move foward without begging other nations to help us...

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