let us help you

Chris Glenn - March 1 2010, 4:35 PM

President Rene Preval, let us help you clean up and teach the hation citizens life skill trades putting them back to work 25,000.people back to work soon let us come down there and meet with you there are other company's other than Ashbritt and DRC they are in Chilli now trying to get those contracts as well. contact me at 561-541-1976 or Jack Tucker 302-604-3516 please

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Jerome Geevarghese says...

Thats true what you said about ash n drc but unfortunately nothing is in our presidents hand he is just a stamp paper... more »

Chris Glenn says...

Who the BIG BROTHER the US more »

Jerome Geevarghese says...

Offcourse its USA. Mr.Clinton together with UN will decide. more »