Sorry if i misunderstood your real content in the message. It...

Jerome Geevarghese - March 1 2010, 8:56 PM

Sorry if i misunderstood your real content in the message.

It is not possible for another 100 decades to take out creole from the official language.

So its not a matter to discuss, If you ever hear any rumors about that then ignore it i suggest cause they are in fool's paradise.

Regarding my knowledge about Haiti I am here for the past 6 years married to a haitian women.

I am having a small business here where i have 100;s of haitian people working with me.Dear what you said that haitians speak multiple language then you have seen only upper class /business class/upcoming class.

there are lot of middle class / starving class people which i am seing everyday.

which is the majority in Haiti.

I dont know what you do in haiti but there is still more places in Port-au-prince where people cannot even write their native language creole.Try to accept the reality.

If you can show me a single Indian who cannot say "GOOD MORNING" after staying in America then frankly speaking I promise you I will never argue with anyone and i will stop using Blogs.

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Jerome Geevarghese, Do you people understand anything...


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