its not that i want to wait

Jules - April 24 2007, 12:40 PM

all we want is for the government to make an account number available to us where we can just go make donations (money).

let us deposit whatever we want on the account for them to run the government.

we want to help, but they need to tell how we can help. its really time for haiti to stop begging other nations for help. a lot of us know if we dont beg for help a lot of help will come to us without begging.

its time, it is really time for us to stand up for ourself.

our founding fathers did not wait for other nations to come help them fight against slavery.

they united to acomplish their goal, so if we united, the change will come.

l'union fait la force

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I am a diaspora like you,and I don't think we should...


i think that will help haiti

tell me what ya think. i think we the diaspora's can make haiti move foward without begging other nations to help us...

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