200 years plus...we're still making the mistakes

Zabelboc - April 24 2007, 2:35 PM

I'm not complainaing, i'm just a messager
trying to get our vehicle to another route.

Everything that i said are based on my own
experience, i'm not a mulatoe nor an extreme
ly dark skin brother.

To repair an automobi
le, one needs to know the source of the problem to resolve it.I have mixed children
I'm by no mean a violent person, i won't say
anything to dis a brother.The wealth ofour
country is controled by, Madsen,Brant, Meuse,Biggio, Plato,i don't
know the new comers, i'm sorry if you are
related to one ofthem, i don't mean to dis
anyone but the fact in the matter they are filty rich, i have never heard one of them, beside their private business, factory
give back anything to the average brothers that the are exploited.They go to France, England to educate themself.

I don't believe that Preval and any president will
solve our problems.We, in the diaspora and
the six to ten rich family are the key to
change the course in haiti.See, What does Haiti need?Dual citizenship, more schools, decentralization,production of our own food, security,tourism, a new army to defend our territory.

I must tell u that we, haitians we are capable to provide all
that if we just believe and respect ourselves.

We don't have to be enslaved to build bridges, homes etc just the love for our country should be enough to motivate
us to do what's right.

My present plan is
to go back to haiti in 2 years to create jobs for my brothers and sisters.

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