You are ignorant brother

Jamil J. - April 24 2007, 3:51 PM

To start off the highway that I speak of is the second national highway which connects the capital to the south in cities such as Jacmel.

It was built under the Duvalier regime.

It was built by French Contractors, not a gift from France.

There is a difference, brother Robert.

Yes the Duvalier regime was a dictator-ship but with it we had order through out the nation, running electricity from the Pelirge Dam (built by Duvalier), a clean captial, And a Haitian Dolloar Equal to the American Dollar, representing a better economy by 10 folds than we have now. Overall a progressive stable nation.

Unlike now.

You say a "police force" is enough for our people?

Obviously you haven't been in Port-Au-Prince latley with its out of control crime that used to be foriegn to our nation.

Obivously you must be one of those uncle toms that are satisfied with those U.N. tourist in the great land of Haiti.

No president has the right to remove the FAD'H.

With this fake democracy what do we get but, chaos, crime, death, increasing poverty and filth.

Looking back at Haiti under Papa Doc, with her stability, I proudly display my banners of Black and Red, the colors of Jean-Jacques Dessalines, of Duvalier, of Ayiti.

Brother based on your views you do not seem crazy to me, just ignorant.

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