A Nous La Dessalinienne vive la Republique!

Louinel Jean - April 24 2007, 9:08 PM

I like your spirit.

This what I have always spoken about.That we will see the deed to do what we can not waiting for the president to take all the initiatives that Haiti requires at this time.

We must rise with a sense of urgency, but we must do so cautiously.The government is doing every good thing to get this country running I know that for a fact.

Now it is time for us to take some and plan strategically to return home purposefully and decisively.

We must do so substancially which means we must count cost of our return so that we may not desapoint ourselves in this venture.

My heart is full of hope in this little corner we call Haiti.

I see a superpower in this land. Haiti is more secure than any Caribbean country that I have visited so far.

Jamaica is full of dons (gunmen)that the government cannot touch at all. Trinidad is plagued with kidnapping.

Haiti is the only previously volatile country where gan leaders along with their fiefs are being arrested without distinction.

It is almost every month that the government manage to capture a gang leader.

This to me, is the most encouraging sign of development.

that people get the oportunity to walk and work at any time in their home land without fear of any "lion of perversion"

A nous la Dessalinienne
vive la republique.

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