You are an ignorant and all you have to do is to reinforce...

Mr. Lambert - March 7 2010, 3:18 PM

You are an ignorant and all you have to do is to reinforce racism, discrimination and hatred.

We will bring back Duvalier, Aristide, and all other former presidents and including Leslie Francois Manigat for a reconciliation government and good governance will be back again in Haiti.

We will not take into your consideration your hateful advices, for there is no place for blame anymore and we were all guilty of all those horible things that occurred in the past. We want to move forward and we do not want heinous person like you to guide us.

Stupid use another blog to promote your hateful agenda.

We love all our former presidents and they were all victims of internal and external conspiracy machines and this time they will lead again.

I will bring all of them back and the exile will end for Haitians for real. The conspirators could use you to spread hatred and division, but under my guidance and leadership you would not be able to operate anymore.

We will eradicate mental slavery from everybody's mind including yourself and the legacy of blame-game accusations, division, killing and political executions will end for real. We need people with good will to move forward, but we do not welcome a hatred person like you to make us look backward.

I was raised to look forward and not backward.

We need love, unity and peace for all. We cannot have those by keeping Haitians in exile.

They will all come back under my watch and they will lead again so Haiti can move forward and develop itself.

We need to bury those past things and create a museum for others to remember if we want to move forward.

Great countries have all those horrible things exposed in museum for future generations to know the history of their country and move forward.

Stupid, Kennedy Family used to own slaves and some of them used to burry slaves alive in America.

Are they in exile?

Are they still leading in America?

Those were Kennedy from past generations and are the Kennedy dynasty and younger generations continue to do same?

Absolutely, no.

Stupid, you are a moron, an ignorant and a hatred person.

We will bring back all our Haitian brothers from exile and they will lead again under my watch.

You need to know the politics of governance in Haiti to know the true culprits.

You are a monster and an ignorant...Moron.

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