Now I understand you and we can work together. Haitians need...

Mr. Lambert - March 7 2010, 3:29 PM

Now I understand you and we can work together.

Haitians need to be intelligents to understand the conspiracy blame-game of the international community and our local elites if they want to move forward.

They are accomplices in Haiti's misery and suffering.

We must put past divisions, hatred and other hatred agenda to move forward.

I am calling for all Haitians in the country and outside of Haiti to come up with a unity government to bring all on board.

We will lead again as the first black republic nation in the world.

We will not be considered as the poorest country in the world.

The international community with all those NGOs and our local elites make us the poorest country in the world, but there is hope with good governance and unity.

We will lead again and we will welcome all whether in the East, North, South or West.

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