Sorry, Mr. Lambert: "Maringwen ap vole, nou pa kon ni sa-k...

Benoit T. Battraville - March 8 2010, 6:06 AM

Sorry, Mr. Lambert:
"Maringwen ap vole, nou pa kon ni sa-k mal, ni sa-k femèl."
We will not blindly accept everybody.

The current Haitian Administration (of President Rene Garcia Préval and his Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive) is putting in place a Comprehensive Development Plan for Haiti.

What are you talking about?

Do you read the news?

or listen only to the gossip?

"La reconstruction doit être gérée par les Haïtiens" (

Haiti has her own Laws, her own Constitutional Laws. Everyone MUST abide by the Laws of the Land.
We will have the elections and the Great Haitian People WILL DECIDE.

"C'est aux Haïtiens de définir un véritable projet national et ensuite de le conduire".

"Haïti, c'est pour les Haïtiens"

Do you have a problem with elections?

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Now I understand you and we can work together...


Developing a comprehensive development plan for Haiti

The reconstruction of Port au Prince, other damaged cities, the rural community and the controlled expansion of...

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