I congratulate you Madeleine for making valuable points in...

Sabine - March 9 2010, 10:16 PM

I congratulate you Madeleine for making valuable points in your posting.

Haitian males are bad and the elites are the ones that put them in this sad position where they have to steal to take care of other women as polygamists.

The Haitian power has no back up job to make its government runs smoothly and efficiently as you said. But, listen what our the Haitian patriarchy that gives greater access to men than women?

Would you please argue about that in another posting?

I believe if you had the power that you would do well based on the suggestions that you provided in your posting.

I agree with you that Haitian local elites are expression of shame and humiliation and the government should open Haiti's economy to foreign investment to replace those dirty pigs. I wish Preval could argue that with Obama?

Do you think that he can do that?

If he became to be a domestic of the elites like Aristide, things would remain the same in Haiti and no one could talk about progress anymore?


Can Haiti be an interdependent nation?

Haiti's sovereignty must be understood and respected in all those negotiations that are taking place in Washington...

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