Your Father Was a PeasantConzeGNB

Jan Ou Wel La - May 1 2007, 5:48 AM

You will be proven wrong how fast Dr. Aristide will return to Haiti.

It is quite unfortunate that you are treating me a peasant, semi illiterate, and you have no concept of sovereignty and self respect for your own country.

The fact that most of our leaders only knows how to beg to get by. I believe that Aristide will return, the respect of Haiti will be made on the international front.

Please refrain from trying to insult me< I am most stronger than you and your family combined.

You just have to do better than that I promise you.
Unfortunately I do not understand your analogy of Sam Beckett's vis a vis my belief of Aristide return.

I hope that as soon as real elections are organized in Haiti, that you realized that only a popular movement will satisfy the appetite of the Haitian people, unless you are one of those people who believe that Haitians are peasant incapable of making their own decisions.

You need to accept this statement as a fact of Haitian debacle, then you will stop betraying Haiti by cooperating with the ennemies of Haiti, Traitor


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How many times must I teach you about the notion of...


We have to stop begging...

It is with extreme sadness that I look at the situation of our country. Recently, Le Nouvelliste posted some pictures...

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