Mr. Magloire, Thank you for your post, but I believe that you...

Aba Tout Salop Gnbist - March 10 2010, 5:53 PM

Mr. Magloire,

Thank you for your post, but I believe that you would do a great service to other bloggers and readers if you were to give a little background about yourself.

Since you failed to do so, let me help you. Dear bloggers, Mr. Magloire served in the interim administration of "Gwo Jera" Latortue.

You see, Mr. Latortue came to power during Haiti's recent upheeval when Mr. Magloire co-hort and fellow conspirator overthrew (with the help of IRI, the DR, and various business elites)a democratically elected government.

As a recompense, Mr. Magloire obtained the lucrative post of minister of interior.

Money flowed into his hands like milk and honey and with this pot of honey, he was able to get plenty of honeys (if you know what I mean).

Mr. Magloire also was involved in planning the midnight trial of that great haitian democrat, Louis Jodel Chamblain.

Mr. Magloire was also involve in signing contract that gave the U.N. complete control of the PNH because he was holding "Gwo Jera's" glasses.

Mr. Magloire was alo involved in signing secret contracts with a fictitious company to explore undersea treasures.

In all, Mr. Magloire is a democrat in the true GNBist in the true meaning of the word. Therefore, dear bloggers, I hope I am able to fill the blanks about Paul Gustave Magloire, a true patriot, a true democrat and a true leader for the new Haiti we all want to establish.

Thank you.

P.S. Paul G. Magloire, Koulangyet manman-w GNBist pig.


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