Welll Tiba I beg to differ But what had the black men do to...

Hans Duperoi - March 10 2010, 8:40 PM

Welll Tiba
I beg to differ
But what had the black men do to provoke admiration?

It should not be a matter of white men or black men or yellow men now. Now we can do a synergy of all what the white men, the black men or the yellow men have to offer and use them for the sake of our country?

Gentlemen and Ladies in a time like that I find it counterproductive to be at each other throat rather than calling for a collective spirit of reconstruction.

We know our enemies and they will remain our enemies and as a matter of facts they might be right here in this blog trying to divide us....And as always they are laughing right now.
They are making a lots of money now in Haiti, they will get big and biggg contracts, they already have their trucks bringing the Aid back to Dominican Republic to resell in the pink market market and they already set up their banks account all over the world
And we are arguing
Coe on guys [PLEASE}

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