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Paul G. Magloire - March 11 2010, 1:07 PM


If there were an instrument for measuring tension in a country, the measures regarding Haiti, are at the highest level.

The International Crisis Group, which specializes in information analysis to detect the onset of crises in the world, believes that Haiti contains all the ingredients for an explosion at any moment, given the extreme poverty of the people The deficit in the government's ability to properly manage the country, expansion of drug trafficking, corruption which is undermining the country at all levels and the elections this year could exacerbate the balance of forces involved, into open conflict.

This group believes that the country needs international assistance to 3 billion dollars to cross this difficult.

However, such a sum would be twice the initial estimates of the government which provided a ceiling of 60 billion water bottles, or about 1.5 billion dollars at the current rate of the gourd on a budget estimated at 100 billion gourds that parliamentarians, in their wisdom, had seen fit to return to government for a realistic review.

The First Minister, Michele Pierre-Louis, said the filing of the revised budget this time about 80 billion water bottles, given that sources of income and the expected assistance of international donors were adjusted downward.

However, the surprise came when Ms. Pierre-Louis, announcing his trip to Washington to meet with international donors, said that his mission would be pleased to find a contribution of 125 million dollars from donors to support the budget.

But it does not tell us, where would come the rest of the budget?

It is unclear how 125 million dollars, or about 5 billion gourds, are sufficient to bridge the budget deficit of 80 billion water bottles at a time when income countries that were under 38 billion gourds last year, are in decline this year. Is it not time that the First Minister treats us like adults and told us clearly state the situation?

Is what we took for wild ducks?

This is not the first time that steps were undertaken to raise funds to supplement the budget for the current fiscal year. President René Préval had personally committed the prestige of his stature as President of the Republic during a visit to Washington, February 5 last, to try to meet Mr Barack Obama, the new President of the United States to solicit input direct 100 million dollars.

This attempt, as we know, failed miserably.

But it seems that the journey of the First Minister would be better prepared and the issues to be presented to donors will be well tied. So, it will scream to victory, as soon as the promises of funds would be above the $ 125 million.

But the funding needs for the 2008-2009 budget in real terms, are over one billion dollars.

If the commitment of donors is below this, the country could enter a very difficult economic situation.

And given that economic crises can lead to social crisis and political crisis there, so with a little imagination you can guess the rest.
So the question we should ask is why the Prime Minister determines the level of success of his mission in Washington at a level so low that nothing meets the requirements stipulated in the budget submitted by the Government in Parliament Haiti?

For, in the offices of power, since the government of Jacques Edouard Alexis, was spoken on the basis of the document National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty (DNSCRP) seeking nearly $ 7 billion on a period of 5 years, international donors to fund a number of projects.

A first preparatory meeting on the subject was held in Port-au-Prince, July 25, 2006. But gradually as the file was not moving, there was a downward revision in the figures.

Upon departure of Jacques Edouard Alexis for Prime, they spoke a meeting in Washington could reap $ 3 billion.

This was based on reasoning that believes that if donors had pledged to fund the Interim Cooperation Framework, under the interim government, up from 1.1 billion today, with a legitimate government in power, This amount should be much higher.

No need to mention the lack of logic of this argument, or whether plans were good enough to absorb such investments?

What is surprising is to see that this theory has been supported time Prime Minister Alexis and is followed by Ms. Pierre-Louis today.

For the budget submitted to parliament had established international aid to around 1.5 billion dollars.

Why, before the meeting in Washington April 14, the numbers are so low?

It seems that the government wants to hide a truism.

For the 1.5 billion dollars to 125 million, there is much more than not. So far, we knew that April was the fish. Now, he is also one of the illusionists who sells us the moon for cheese.

It really seems that we all take for wild ducks.

Exit Organized Disorder
The Pierre-Louis government came to power, there are already 6 months ago, with great credit of many sectors that saw in it the possibility that a current of rectitude and competence through the power up, for once, when the country badly needs.

But the mountain has given birth to a mouse.

Indeed, during the few months of management Madam Pierre-Louis, corruption has hit the country like a plague.

Although the country was already ranked among the most corrupt in the world, the score was even worse.

Like what we are trying to beat our own record.

We can cite an example, the various business scandals that have hit the headlines recently: such as Alain Desire Case, the Case ONA, the 197 million dollars of emergency funds, to name a few.
The First Minister, herself, thinking say, declared that nobody could resist the flow of money from the cash re Alain Desire.

Young people with whom I discussed the affairs of the country, feeling very bad insult to the remark of the First Minister, said such a statement from a micro sidewalk would be insulting, but from the head of government, told them they must leave the country as quickly as possible, even to swim.
So it's such an environment and a lack of results as giving fatigue with international donors.

The impression one derives when talking to members of the international community, is a clear sense of discouragement.

It seems the country has lost all its springs and can not rebound.

We are considered a failed state.

Indeed, over 90 million dollars, for example, have been spent to purchase equipment for the National Equipment Company (NEC).

However, this money could have done many infrastructure projects and have created many jobs, if private firms were engaged to perform these tasks with greater expertise, efficiency and oversight.

These kinds of things even in good times are unacceptable.

Now that funds are very rare with the international financial crisis, the donors do not feel able to continue to provide funds to the government if there is no commitment to provide visible results and stop the waste and corruption.

Statements in this sense came, moreover, Mr. Luis Alberto Moreno, who is President of the Inter-American Development Bank, hosted the meeting of donors.

He warned that Haiti could not receive additional loans from the financial institution.

The country would only receive donations, and in this sense a budget of 100 million will be granted in any and everything.

Overall, one can believe that aid from international donors, outside of Venezuela, would be very limited this year. But we know that with the support of the Government of the United States could obtain an extension with the requirements of better behavior and better performance.

We also know, in real villains, we are always ready to say yes when we're stuck and quickly forget our commitments.

Above that a refusal of donors to support the Government arrive at the critical moment for the organization of partial senatorial elections.

That would throw discredit on the government's ability to survive and could influence the outcome of these elections in which the international community has its own credibility at stake, therefore, be expected to deliver.

The problem comes with disbursements.

Then there is the issue of the looming hurricane season and experts believe the country is even less prepared to face cyclones in the order of those that have swept through Gonaives in 2008, leaving thousands of residents zone at bay. However, funds allocated by parliament as part of the $ 197 million to rescue and rehabilitate the affected areas did not provide results and report that the First Minister has promised to give the use of these funds is wait.
Creating a Master Plan
We could still have the opportunity to find $ 3 billion to invest in the country, even in this environment of international financial crisis, if we put in our house in order and if there was an investment plan that come out of the box.
It seems so far that this government has been unable to come up with a plan of this magnitude, despite its promises to boost the economy and create growth likely to provide jobs and higher incomes for poor families.

The country, like Sister Anne waits and will wait until the arrival of Saints of the Apocalypse to see the realization of such promises.

In the absence of a viable local effort, we the international community that seeks to fill the void. Let's say the international horror of the void. Thus, came the report necklace.

In fact, the case will be discussed in Washington, has been reviewed by a team comprised of members of the international and particularly an assistant Collier.

But everyone knows that the best plans are mere intellectual exercises, until there is real political will to implement them.

Creating a modern state apparatus
The head of government has promised that even after the Washington meeting will finally allow to create tens of thousands of jobs. To manage an economy able to absorb billions of investment dollars and create tens of thousands of jobs each year and maintain a rapid growth would require a modern public administration.

Mounting such a capability could begin by transforming the system we currently use must become more agile, more efficient and less corrupt.

It should gradually undergo changes necessary to meet our development needs and social justice.

We must begin by re-articulation of the management areas of the state in a dozen departments under the aegis of the Prime Minister's office and establish clear functions.

This new relationship will also be in line with the policy of devolution and decentralization.

Here is a link that might respond to the current situation:
The Prime Minister's Office:
The Secretary of State for Communication and Reform
The Secretary of State for Coordination and Public Service
The Secretary of State for Relations with Parliament and Political Parties
The Haitian Chancellery:
2-1 The Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Worship
The Secretary of State for Haitians Living Abroad
The Secretary of State for Bilateral Cooperation, Regional and Decentralized
The Secretary of State for Tourism and Development Sites Home
The Secretary of State for Haitian-Dominican relations

The Ministry of Planning:

The Secretary of State for Planning and Evaluation Administrative
The Secretary of State for the Modernization and Improvement of Standard of Living
The Secretary of State for the Coordination of Non-Governmental Organizations
The Ministry of Interior:
The Secretary of State for National Defense and Border Affairs
The Secretary of State for Local Authorities and Decentralization
The Secretary of State for Civil Defense and Disaster Prevention
The Secretary of State for Emigration and Immigration
The Secretary of State for the fight against drug trafficking and smuggling

The Ministry of Economic Progress and Human Resources:
The Secretary of State for Labor and Employment
The Secretary of State for Vocational Training and Technical
The Secretary of State for the Status of Women, Family and Children
The Secretary of State to Support the Disabled and Elderly
The Secretary of State for Integration of Marginalized Zones
The Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport:
The Secretary of State for Education and Training in Higher Education
The Secretary of State for Continuing Education
The Secretary of State for Youth, Sport and Recreation
The Secretary of State for Culture and Festivals
The Secretary of State for Community and Civic Activities
The Department of Public Health and Population:
The Secretary of State for Public Health and Preventive Health
The Secretary of State for the care and training of medical
The Secretary of State for Power and Quality of Life
The Secretary of State for National Emergency Services, Regional and Local
The Ministry of Justice and the Protection of Lives and Property:
The Secretary of State for Judicial Affairs
The Secretary of State for Civil Status and the National Identification
The Secretary of State Police and the Safety of Lives and Properties
The Department of Public Works and National Development:
The Secretary of State for Spatial Planning, Cadastre and Housing
The Secretary of State for the Environment and Natural Resources
The Secretary of State for Public Works
The Secretary of State for Energy and Mines
The Secretary of State for Technology and Telecommunications
The Secretary of State for Air Transport, Rail, Maritime and Road
The Ministry of Production and Development:
The Secretary of State for Food Production
The Secretary of State for Industrial Production and Artisanal
The Secretary of State for Facilitation and Promotion of Enterprises
The Secretary of State for Trade and Quality Control
The Secretary of State for Coordination and Regional Development

The Ministry of Economy and Finance and National Regional:
10-1 Secretary of State for Finance, Taxation and Public Revenue 10-2 Secretary of State for National and Regional Budget 10-3 Secretary of State for Economic Growth
It should be noted that these reforms can be implemented without revising the Constitution.

End up with management without vision and visual navigation
Plan necklace represents a minimum on which donors can agree to try to get out of this mess that is the situation in the country.

Because they believe that if the country was in a crisis again, the gains of the past 5 years will be lost. So, if the Plan necklace can serve as a starting point for discussion with donors, the better.

But to succeed the country would need a plan that can involve all sectors of society, especially young and nothing is said about it.
Any plan that can have a good chance of success must involve young people at all levels of its activities.

One of the main roles of Secretary of State for Youth is to ensure that integration is effective and is done according to standards and objectives that can prepare young people to take over the society of tomorrow.

For example, in the environment sector, young people must become managers of this sector.

It is vital that our young ecology of the country does not continue to deteriorate in order to prevent them inherit a polluted world where the degeneration of the ecosystem eliminates the possibility for people to live in a healthy environment.

We must remember that the theme was chosen in 2008 for the International Day of Youth is "Youth and climate change: time to act." So every young Haitian must consider how to act and take appropriate actions to help improve the country's environment.

Currently, there is no better way to provide a minimum of equipment to people located outside the capital, in terms of public health, energy, telecommunications and Internet development d a transportation system, incorporating roads, ports and airports, that created three regional modern cities, serving as focal points for the Greater North of South Grand and Grand Center.

A government that wants to bring the country to the 21 nth century has run several programs to create opportunities for young people under an ambitious plan. If we really want to get the country out of the lethargy, it must be a commitment, as if it were to go to war to defend our right to exist and to live in a decent country.

Indeed, modernize our agricultural production means transforming our gardens mechanized planting, processing of peasants and farmers the ability to obtain better crops that must be preserved and packaged to arrive in local markets and international excellent conditions, thanks to an appropriate distribution network.

To survive in an environment of great competition with products from abroad, we must modernize and produce at lower prices.

And it will not be modernization of agricultural production without equipment and without technical support and adequate funding.

So we need these young people who already have basic training to engage in learning technology to assist producers in the country's food sector, for example, or tourism.

The establishment of a data communication network supported by satellite covering the whole country, should serve to provide technical training services to remote rural youth so that they can continue to study while they offer their service in remote areas of vocational training centers.

This network should also be used to facilitate programs that upgrade is offered and extended to all government devolved and decentralized.

The universities will, for their part, use the network for distance education students.

Distance learning, despite some weaknesses, offers students the opportunity to receive quality training by taking courses according to their budget, any day and at any time of day, no matter where they are and receive the diploma of their choice to improve their competence, based on opportunities to engage in an activity of production or creation.

This chanel could be used by chambers of commerce, too, and workers' associations as well, such as unions, to provide, if necessary, remote services to their members.

For example, the Ministry of Equipment to replace that of TPTC will not be a simple matter of renaming.

It will provide solutions to problems that currently are handicaps to efficiency and to absorb the funds provided by international donors.

The new system has been designed to make it more agile and able to meet the needs of the industry along modern procedures to support the efforts of national construction and execution of major projects.

At the time I was Special Advisor to the Government, there is a problem that presented itself at a critical time of the disaster brought to Gonaives by Hurricane Jeanne.

Indeed, parallel to the relief effort for thousands of victims, the government wanted to start the rehabilitation of the city. Most of the funds had come from donors.

The problem, the specifications required by donors disqualified almost all Haitian businesses.

At that time, foreign companies refused to work at home, given the climate of insecurity and the high cost of insurance that arose.

One of these specifications were the company's request that either a certain size and can demonstrate having experience in managing large projects for a number of years.

Despite that I shared the view of those who believed that these specifications were favorable to companies that had come from outside, I recommend finding a way to put domestic companies at work without losing precious time we oppose the rules of donors who were already well established and difficult to change.

The solution that we found and implemented was the creation of a consortium of 23 companies working in the industry who agreed to engage in a collective contract and then share the work. Given our objective was to act for the benefit of the community of Gonaives and to encourage the-living-together, this proposal was accepted as being appropriate and being implemented.

But today it would launch projects of several million dollars through these vast construction programs, would we have the construction companies in the country capable of meeting the specifications of donors?

Or, how it almost always happens, companies will simply Haitian subcontractors companies from abroad?

We encourage Haitians in the Diaspora who are in the construction sector to create or enter into partnership with companies to intervene in the country.

But one of the main responsibilities of the Secretary for Public Works should work with the private sector and universities to find the best way for the state to oversee the country's companies to allow them to meet the requirements of this new era challenge where we sometimes meet and win against impossible ...

The economic program of the American President, Barak Obama might be a source of opportunities.

Because the U.S. President has decided to make biodiesel, ethanol, solar and wind at the center of political power and to boost the U.S. economy would help to improve the technology in these areas and should encourage large investors to engage fully in the renewable energy sector.

The ideal would be to set the target to achieve by 2015 that renewables account for 20% of the country's energy consumption and we work hard to achieve this goal. This would have the advantage of reducing costs in imported hydrocarbons and lower levels of pollution in the country.

Thank you,
Paul G. Magloire

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