why do you President Preval to leave office?

Jeanrobert Bastien - March 15 2010, 9:48 AM

As I said before about those who want Preval to leave office now may have a chronic deasase in their brain because He's not responsible for the earthquake which occured in Haiti on January 12,2010.He must stay in power until february,7,2011 and be replaced by a Provisory government or by a Public salvation of government.The country is too sick for now for people to go on strike to kick President Preval out of power, it does not make any sense for the rest of the world...you should do that before the incident happened and we don't want to see other dead body at the moment of the strike or revolution for the advantage and interest of a so called leader again.The Haitian people must take their time to think before casting their vote out in favor of a good leader...and that's the way it supposed to be..no more irresponsible leaders for the presidential seat...JeanRobert Bastien.

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Llyod says...

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Antonioj says...

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