You are wrong. The Duvalier crime's family destroyed Haiti...

Djacout - March 27 2010, 6:14 PM

You are wrong.

The Duvalier crime's family destroyed Haiti.

They looted the public funds.

Luckner Cambrone bragged that the wealth he accumulated under Francois Duvalier will makes his family rich for ten generations.

Cambrone prior to his involvement with the Duvalier was a simple Clerc at Banque National De la Republique D'Haiti-BNRH.

Jean Claude Duvalier fled from Haiti with over eight hundred millions dollars.This is for Jean Claude Duvalier alone.

If you add up the monies stolen by his entourage, that could add up to the billions.

The U.S. put an economic embargo under Aristide.

He constructed sevral school despite the embargo because he beleive that education will liberate the masses.

Aristide was against the Haitian bourgeois because they keep the Haitian people in abject poverty.

The Haitian bourgeois are protecting their own interests and are in collusion with the multinational corporations at the expense of the Haitian people.Thus it becomes clear that the Haitian bourgeois are an extension of the U.S, Canada, Dominican Rep and France armed forces.

That is why the U.S.thugs with complicity of the Dominican Rep kidnapped Aristide because he tried to solve the Fundamental problems of Haiti.

Pointing finger on Aristide as a problem is criminal and that show you are part of the problem not the solution.


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