Mind your business. Tiba is a real man.I know he likes to...

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Mind your business.

Tiba is a real man .I know he likes to chase skirts like any normal man.Do you realized that too many black men are effeminate in America.

You should pay your greatest respect and reverence to Tiba because he likes women.

Two weeks ago I pulled a joke on Tiba by maskareding under the name of Yanique because I had nothing to do that night.

I pulled jokes on Haitians blogs, Dominican blogs, Jamaican and Barbadian bloggs that night.

Politic without humour is no good. Laughing is good for your physical, mental health and your IQ. Tiba and Linda are good Haitians.

I like to read their blogs.They are among the smartest.

Trust me. BTW check Dominican today blog. The haitian blogs are way superior.

Maitre Minuit, March 27 2010, 9:16 PM

Topic: Due To Abject Poverty Haitians Are Seen As Inferior People In The Diaspora

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This is a political blog Tiba. You, Linda and Kiki should not use this blog as a dating site. Last warning ok! read more >
Altidor P. Mezidor, 27-Mar-10 8:43 pm
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Mireille, 27-Mar-10 8:45 pm
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Bon Zouti, 27-Mar-10 8:57 pm
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Kiki, 27-Mar-10 9:10 pm
Mind your business. Tiba is a real man.I know he likes to chase skirts like any normal man.Do you realized that too... read more >
Maitre Minuit, 27-Mar-10 9:16 pm
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Kiki, 27-Mar-10 9:17 pm
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Edit Sira, 27-Mar-10 9:29 pm
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Kiki, 27-Mar-10 9:43 pm
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