Kiki, Linda and Bernadette S are the same person

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Right now, I am collecting all your thoughts to write a book about Haitian politics' blog and I found that the three names listed above are the same person due to IP address and pictures collected from her computer.

You will be surprise in a few days, for this practice will stop. Actually, I realize in my research that mulattoes are the ones to blame for stealing money in Haiti.

The latter has a self-enriching elite that keeps diverting all funds allocated to Haiti from their family members as technocrats inside all Haitian public institutions.

Mulattoes are experts in diverting Haitian public funds to enrich their family as well as keeping their oligarchy system intact.

I am pleased by the results that I collected through this blog so far and I will turn them over to the United Nations in a few months.

Mulattoes are the ones to blame for abject poverty in Haiti as well as making Haiti the poorest country on earth...

John Smith Rockerfeller, March 30 2010, 2:27 AM

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Linda and Bernadette are the same person,she has a right to call herself any aliases that she likes to.It is time know... read more >
Llyod Benneth Le Bourru, 30-Mar-10 11:19 am
Since you are so good at playing detective, why don't you come up with a comprehensive list of ALL the donations... read more >
Bernadete S., 30-Mar-10 9:19 pm
Bonjour. Je suis le mari de Kiki. A travers vos ecrits, on peut remarquer votre patriotisme et votre amour pour votre... read more >
Kiki, 30-Mar-10 10:03 pm
OK John Smith, that was really funny. I have not been on the blog for a while, but the first day I came back I got a... read more >
Linda, 31-Mar-10 12:00 pm
Ah hahrrrrrr now I think that I solve the riddle. This Trinity works for the Culinary Institute of America. Nobody... read more >
Alexis, 31-Mar-10 2:15 pm
Hi Linda, this is Zac, the real Zac I hope nobody has been impersonating me. I just got back from Haiti. I know Haiti... read more >
Zac, 31-Mar-10 3:33 pm
Zaaaaaaaaaaac!!! It's really nice to have u back!!! Well, you already know how I feel about Preval, so I wont even go... read more >
Linda, 31-Mar-10 5:05 pm
Hello again Linda, It's really nice talking to you, thank you for welcoming me back but I'm afraid I won't be staying... read more >
Zac, 31-Mar-10 7:49 pm
Zac, I feel the same way you do about the site, about Preval, and about my people. As you know, I've been working... read more >
Linda, 31-Mar-10 8:38 pm


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