Hi Linda, this is Zac, the real Zac I hope nobody has been...

Zac - March 31 2010, 3:33 PM

Hi Linda, this is Zac, the real Zac I hope nobody has been impersonating me. I just got back from Haiti.

I know Haiti is a poor country but seeing the reality is totally traumatizing.

Words cannot explain the pain I feel for Haiti and for Haitians.

I slept in a tent having to deal with mosquito bites and the extreme heat. Everyday I was out on foot, under the hot sun, sometimes under the rain. Now that I'm back most of my friends are saying "oh Zac you look different" some say, "you have a nice tan" it's the hot sun.

I thought there would be change after the earthquake and I believed in all the hype of reconstruction but after what I've seen; there will not be any changes in Haiti until Haitians rise up and get rid of the the dishonest politicians, the UN, the Non governmental organizations because the ONGs too are part of the problem.

I saw most the ONG top workers driving around in nice cars earning incredible salaries in US dollars while the people suffer.

There will not be any changes until we have somebody who can also keep the Haitian bourgeoisie in check.

There won't be any changes soon because Haitians in Haiti don't seem to realize how inhumane their living conditions are. I get the impression that they think their living standard is acceptable.

I guess it's because they don't know any better.

I know there's a lot of Preval lovers on this site but I'm gonna say it anyway.

Preval is a dumb pig and a monster.

Mrs Delatour is the new Michelle Bennett, she and the entire Delatour family is working behind the scenes to make sure most of the aid money goes to the same people it has always gone to.

It may take a while but they will pay. Jean-Claude Duvalier and Michelle Bennett had it easy having been exiled.

Preval and Mrs. Delatours fate may be worst.

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