Zaaaaaaaaaaac!!! It's really nice to have u back!!! Well, you...

Linda - March 31 2010, 5:05 PM

Zaaaaaaaaaaac!!! It's really nice to have u back!!!

Well, you already know how I feel about Preval, so I wont even go there.

And yes this site is now filled with 3 types of people: the first group are white missionaries (which really means a bunch of trailer trash whites), Preval fanatics (who can't really list any concrete reason why they are his fans), and people who seem to have never read a book (this group is so ignorant that sometimes I read their comments and just laugh).

I don't really answer much of the posts anymore; it's just not worth it. Seriously, the discussions on this site now are so low that they would fit comfortably within any third grade street argument.

Anyway, yes, Haiti is now unimaginable if it is not seen with one's own eyes. I went back when this first happened and I am planning to go again within the next few months.

Zac, the most disgusting thing that I saw in Haiti was the elite and the NGOs, and how they are living the grand life in the noses of the suffering people.

I am still shocked that a few weeks after the earthquake an old friend of mine called me and said "we're going to the beach, why don't u come?" I was sickened and disgusted.

The truth is that they were always disgusting, but now they really do remind me of vultures and I can't even be in the same room as any of them without wanting to puke.

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