it is now or never

Bernadete S. - March 31 2010, 5:35 PM

The imbalance of power, throughout history has been tackled on many different levels.

The hero of them all has been the French Revolution in 1789 in France which sprang the idea of "Revolution" in Haiti at the same epoch..


At a junction in a society where social inequality is rampant, Many techniques have been used in the past including but not limited to appeals to nationalism, tradition, religion, and security...

Most often, a small elite class who wants to maintain its position of privilege and wealth.

The elite has power and wealth at its disposal.

The threat of force and a demand for a small percentage of wealth to support key segments of the population are usually successful...

History is full of cases where a small group of the population has controlled its populace for a long period of time, e.g. the Middle Eastern Sheiks, the Chinese dynasties, the French aristocracy just to name a few.
The problem is how to get an elite class to give some of its power to the underprivileged?

Unbridled power MUST be exercised along with or followed by even more power coming from the unprivileged group.

The most successful application of this technique was in India in 1948. Other recent cases have been in the Philippines, Argentina, Peru, Eastern Europe under Soviet domination.

The elite must be made to FEEL that giving up some wealth is preferable to risking losing it all. The overthrow of the French aristocracy is a valuable lesson still to us all...Haiti, though, when the veil of the ruling class is unmasked, we may be surprised as to whom they really are...President Preval needs to maintain political stability as he is acquiring new funds from the international communities and has promised a better Haiti.

The NGO's are slowly but surely getting new found money along with the support of the Clinton-Bush team.
If there is a time to tilt sustainable power in favor of the underprivileged: It is now or never.


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