I'm the founder of a organization, doing one of my meetings...

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I'm the founder of a organization, doing one of my meetings someone ask me how do I know that Haitian people and their leader are going to help them to give me the help that I need to make my vision work, all 13th said yes they are on board but they need to know that answer.

After that I call some Haitians that I know and I told them the same that I told my America friends.

I only had 5 out of 12 Haitians that said yes that they was on board that same day, I'm still working on the others and my meeting was on Feb 3rd 2010. Doing the meeting I got:

*Why are you using your own money to give them help?

*Why don't you wait to get your 501 c 3 before you send off another box?

*It's a nice thing that you are trying to do, give me a call when you get your 501 c 3. (that question was from one that have a lot of money on his own)

*Haitian don't know when people are doing nice things for them.

*The same people that you are trying to help will be the same to kill you.

I got all of that from the other 7 Haitian friends of my and that's not because they don't care. I have friends all around the world that feel the same way also. Do you know why, its because we as human do it to each other all the time. I don't know if its because the people that came before us just kept on letting others do them wrong just to keep the under and needed their help. Why don't Haitian learn to stand up for their own people right now like today.

Why are you so fast to give fault to your people when wrong are being done to them. The world is not the same any more take a look around you. A lot of Haitians today are making things happen all around the world.

Why can't we do it at home?

You saw the video George Bush was wrong.

Why can't you just say that. So if I would ask you if you didn't see any thing wrong with what you saw on tv doing the earthquake you would say that the people ask for it right.

To be a leader you most learn to stand up for what is right for your people.

Ok for you that think a leader is just whoever name that's on the line, I don't want you to think that I'm talking about President Rene Preval for what I just said and for what I'm about to say because I'm not. I think that if he had the people, he would of been a great leader and the go for all kind of leaders.

I think as a human cause that is what he is, he is doing his best with what he have.

*How could someone lead if no one is willing to let him lead?

*How could a leader stand up for his people when the people themselves don't see any thing wrong when others are doing their own people or their leader wrong?

Learn to stand for what is right yourself so you can help your leader to stand up for his/her people when wrong things are beening done to them and in return his/her people will now be able to stand up on their own. Maybe some day they can help their leaders to lead them the right way and have their leaders back when he/she make a stand for what is right.

Before all this can happen we must learn to stand for ourself and our people wherever that we are from.

Judith Jolicoeur, March 31 2010, 9:33 PM

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I'm the founder of a organization, doing one of my meetings someone ask me how do I know that Haitian people and their... read more >
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