Go back and read my post again before you reply to what I...

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Go back and read my post again before you reply to what I said. Everything that I said came from Haitians.

Its not a negative blanket that's just what it is. Whenever any one talk about helping Haiti that's what they get from some Haitians, not all of them but some. That's one of the reason some feel like they should just send the money and not go to lend a hand. I been to meetings after meetings and everyone that have something to say are the ones that when it come time to something don't do nothing to help with the problem that we have in Haiti.

If you are from there or been there you would know that the problem that we have been there before the earthquake.

I said, when you that's from there don't see nothing wrong how could anything be done. Before I went to Haiti to see it for myself and I have family that have never been there just because of what some Haitians had to say, all I would hear is that the leader of Haiti don't care about his people.

Well I fine out the people that have it to give to the ones that don't have it are the ones that just don't care. Stop putting fault on the leader just because his name is on the line and if someone that want to help you will fine some people that's ok with their brothers and sisters going without.

Their is a song that say that Haiti is a beautiful place and I saw that when I was there but you wouldn't know that Haiti had big beautiful house untill you walk through the big tall wall on the unfinish road. Your leader was not the one that told you to use that money for your tall wall and not help him and the organization that is there to help finish the road yes I said it, me Judith Jolicoeur.

If you don't like it all you have to do is keep on putting up your tall wall and tell bed storys about how your leader is not doing anything for his people and you get in your big house and keep on not doing nothing to help. Why the people that are giving the help are the ones that don't have but are still giving to others.

I saw a lot of that while I was there and I know about of the same people that live right here in the state.

I think and I will say it again Haitians need to stop making another Haitians feel bed because they want to help where they are from. And I also know and said that Haitians are NOT the only one that do that to each other.

So please go back and read my message.

Judith Jolicoeur, March 31 2010, 10:53 PM

Topic: VIDEO: Bush Wipes Hands on Clinton Shirt After Haiti Handshake

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Go back and read my post again before you reply to what I said. Everything that I said came from Haitians. Its not a... read more >
Judith Jolicoeur, 31-Mar-10 10:53 pm


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