A Small Elite: In Expensive Armored Cars With Tinted Windows

Nancy Saintrock - March 31 2010, 11:12 PM

The Haitian Mulatto merchants which constitute a small hated elite are most disguting people that should ever exist not only in Haiti but throughout the rest of the world.

Haitian mulatto merchants represent shame and humiliation.

Anyone who is trying to treat your fellow countrymen as inferior people are subhumans.

Mulatto merchants are subhumans and they want all Haitians such as dark skin Haitians and good Creole Mulattoes to be considered as submans humans.

If this small elite of 20 families refuse to redistribute the stolen wealth they had accumulated over the years, they will lose everything and they will regret.

Can you believe that Haiti that is an agricultural countries imported more food than any non agricultural countries in the world.

Those mulatto merchants are destroying the Haitian economy a lot and they do not encourage any agricultural projects to occur in Haiti.

Unitransfer and Cam's transfers are the ones that are destroying the most the Haitian economy.

Those two food transfer companies imported so much food that people from overseas are themselves if those merchants are Haitians.

They imported so much chemical foods from overseas that Haitians will die of many diseases that we have never known in our entire life. Can you call those criminals Haitians?


Thieves cannot drive on regular cars and that is why mulatto merchants are using expensive armored cars to protect themselves.

They are faking and their security is and will never be at stake.

Mulatto merchants in Haiti are financing the kidnappers to keep Diaspora out of the country just to preserve their insane oligarchy system.

Mews is the one that blocks so many economic project developments intended to eradicate poverty in Haiti.

He destroyed HASCO to import sugar just to make easy money.

He destroyed Ciment D'Haiti just to import ciment from overseas to make more money.

This stupid crook should not exist in Haiti.

Haitians should locate where they are hiding to teach them a lesson.

We have several bloggers on this blog that are on Mews, Brandt and others' payroll sheets, but they will be deeply sorry for joining the wrong cause, the destroyers of Haiti.

We have good Creole Mulatto such as Michelle Montas and Jose Baptistes to name a few that are willing to help change the course of Haitian history: Nou Di Chapo pou yo. If they were in power Haiti would be a better country.

As Bill Clinton states it today, they will help build an independent Haiti's state with a new taxation system and the implementation of the rule of law. As they are reading this blog for Haitian's ideas, I ask them to free the Haitian public institutions with mulatto merchants' sons and daughters that are working there to divert money to enrich their families.

It is insane for those families to enrich themselves through the public administration of a country.

That is sad...

Over the past 20 years mulatto merchants in Haiti stole $4 billion through the Haitian public administration.

We will wipe them out soon. They will go to Dominican Republic or face exile.

We ask the good Mulatto Creoles in Haiti and overseas to step up to denounce this small elite and help all dark skin Haitians get rid of them. I cannot support them, for they are crooks and subhumans.

We cannot cross our arms and let a small elite of less than 1% humiliate us. Good Mulatto Creoles and Dark Sking Haitians should step to stop shame and humiliation as well.

Secretary Clinton states that Haiti has highest rates of world sientists created diseases such as Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.

This small elite is accomplice in the spread of those diseases in Haiti.

They had received money from those world scientists to get Haitian people vaccinated in order to get those diseases.

This small merchant elite is not serving the cause of the Haitian people.

They are in Haiti to only enrich themselves and nothing else. Mews, Brandt, Saliba, Castera, Beaussan, Brown, Delatour, Baker, Flambert and Vorbes to name a few should feel ashamed to walk in a stinky Croix Des Bosales or Titanyin.

People in Dominican Republic are asking themselves if the small elite of Haiti belongs to Haiti and in the days ahead they will protest against them to make them stop using their roads, beaches and airports as well. Shame on those pigs.

We should join our forces to liberate Haiti.

Nou pap kite Ayiti peri nan men salop sa yo. Good Creole Mulattoes should join the Haitian masses to get rid of those destroyers...

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Alexis says...

Why the names of Luckner Cambrone,Jean Claude Duvalir,Michelle Bennet etc... are conveniently ommitted in the list more »