Ariel, please do not bring any shame to Antonio Derilus ok...

Dessalines The Avenger - April 1 2010, 2:36 PM

Ariel, please do not bring any shame to Antonio Derilus ok. What you need to know there is no protocol in Haiti after the Fall of Duvaliers and the Lavalas Regimes destroyed culture, diplomacy, protocol and the rule of laws as well. What else did you expect?

Do not enter this game?

In Gonaives, we were motivated to call for the departure of any unconstitutional and dictatorial government such as the Duvalier's Government.

It is very spiritual to all in Gonaives not to end a democratic elected president by force unless he resigns himself and if we did we would pay a heavy price for that.

Some people argue that the last two floods that Gonaives had were responsible for that. I came from San Miguel De Latallaya as known St-Michel, but I was educated in Gonaives; therefore, I know Gonaives' traditions very well, you should not play this game. We cannot expect anything good from Preval in terms of protocol, end market monoply, market competition, strong economy and the building of a strong Haiti's state, but his days are numbers and there will be no mandate prolongation as well. Take care!

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I am Ariel Derilus one of the smartest Haitian alive...

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