Nadege you can not defend aristid. even those closer to him...

Ass - April 3 2010, 1:12 AM

nadege you can not defend aristid.

even those closer to him know that he was a leader in the drug dealing cocktail.

I do not go to haiti for the past 11 years because of aristide.

I went to haiti if you can remimber when there was a story of the old military try to take over and they killed some police.

Aristide was the base of the trick.

He was talking care of his drug problem and held responsible for the killing.

I was in the street with my 5 years old then and they pull gun on us. since then I never go back to haiti.

aristid open account in over seas bank under his mother's name, his 2 daughters already millionnaire with appreximately over 100 millions each. he has his hands in the blood of so many good devouted haitian.

do not defend this neg okay except if you come from okay

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