to Rene preval

Jeanne - April 4 2010, 9:32 AM

you're not the president of HAITI anymore president PREVAL, Clinton is. Reason why?Because, HAITIANS people don't put their heads together to work together, only fighting for power all the time, kill each other all the time, hate each other all the time, that right president Obama sent former president Clinton to HAITI now to replace you to show you HAITIANS people, how AMERICANS put their heads together to works together to do WHATEVER they have to do they do it together, that's mean they will teach you HAITIANS people a lesson to put your heads together also
to work together just like them, i hope you learn also from them as a president and the rest of the people in HAITI, because,HAITIANS people keep complain about you, said that, we don't have a president, because,he never do nothing for us and nothing for the COUNTRY.Look what happen to the earthquake, all these people has been dying, and when you watching news in America like CNN, MSNBC,channel 7,10,4 etc;,they showed you how HAITIANS people with machetes to kill each other for food, even the AMERICAN come from here to help them, they don't care, they don't APPRICIATED that and they AMERICANS have to stay on the air inside the Airplane to dropped the foods on the Ground, because,HAITIANS people don't have DICIPLINE, AMERICANS don't used to that, in AMERICA, when they have to give you something, everybody has to stay in line to receive whatever it is, but,you HAITIANS people we don't have that, don't HAITIANS feel ASHAME of themself for all over country watching are bad HAITIANS people are.You see what happen to the earthquake on January 2010 it's GOD rules, you see all those people dies, this is the BEGINNING, the charge is rear, it's on revelation in the bible, even whatever GOD do, HAITIANS people still not change, they still practicing voodoo, they still do all the bad things they were doing, I'M telling you HAITIANS people, if,we not change and stop the bad thing we doing, GOD will coming back take all the rest of you.I'M telling you people, this not a joke, this is serious.GOD don't play, he gave you a lot of time to repent, if,we don't, he will comeback again for you all, prefer you see a person whip you, you don't see GOD whip you.Because, the whip from GOD is not sweet.GOD has compassion, he's holy, he merciful, he beauty, but,at the Sametimes, don't make him mad.This is my message for you president preval.

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