Postpone all elections. Let Preval stay for the next 5 years

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The earthquake devastated Haiti and created uncertainty among the population.

Talking about election while Haiti is still in chaos is not a smart thing do do. Preval should be allow to stay for five more years to facilitate the recovering of Haiti.

This is common sense.

Emilien Petithomme, April 4 2010, 7:32 PM

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The constitution said that after his mandate is expired another person should be elected as president. read more >
Norma Leyis, 4-Apr-10 9:52 pm
The Haitians will be stupid to let that happen.Magloire is the best person to run Haiti. read more >
Shabine Noel, 4-Apr-10 10:10 pm
Well,let Jean Bertrand Aristide return to finish his term. He has the expertise and the know how.Aristide is the porte... read more >
Filome Dorsay, 7-Apr-10 2:40 am
Filo, Aristide must return and all Haitians in exile should return as well. You can count on me there will be no exile... read more >
Dessalines The Avenger, 7-Apr-10 2:49 am


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