For your info MORON, my father was a judge and law professor...

1kamoken - April 6 2010, 1:17 PM

For your info MORON, my father was a judge and law professor in Haiti and my mother a school inspector countrywide.

In those days there were a heck of a lot more Haitians who could read and write (but you would not had not come down the mountains yet!).

By the way AIRHEAD, I have a Master's in International business, a bachelor's in Port Management and, I was 1 of 5 people commissioned by the G.A.O. in 1987 to create a system to record and maintain statistics and probabilities for the U.S. Treasury Department (you know...those little holes you see in your documents when its put through the machine at the Seaports, Airports and border crossings, MORON!).

Now quick...get out of the Custodian's office, you haven't been promoted yet!

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