Filo, Aristide must return and all Haitians in exile should...

Dessalines The Avenger - April 7 2010, 2:49 AM

Filo, Aristide must return and all Haitians in exile should return as well. You can count on me there will be no exile for Haitians anymore.

Forget about Aristide's term and he can come back to lead our country in the educational sector.

I am working on that with the United Nations.

Be brave and that will happen under my watch.

I am not a fan of Aristide or Preval, but no Haitian should live in exile under my watch.

It is time to reconcile the whole country in ending internal racism.

slavery and segregation from a small group over 97% of Haitian people.

Long Life To The Second Coming Of The Haitian Revolution in Haiti...

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Well,let Jean Bertrand Aristide return to finish his...


Postpone all elections. Let Preval stay for the next 5 years

The earthquake devastated Haiti and created uncertainty among the population. Talking about election while Haiti is...

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