Congratulation, I am promoting you at your level of...

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I am promoting you at your level of incompetence tonight.

Why you continues to burying yourself even in deeper blunders.

Your reply clearly demonstrates that you cannot help those in need. How do you expect to curb illiteracy in Haiti, if you believe that you are too educated (***) to communicate with the masses or to teach them?

I am the self-appointed Psychiatrist on this blog. I am dealing with the universe of meaning, feeling and healing.

I am offering you a position on this blog. I don't promote, demote, or fired people in my office because I am a sensible person that deal constantly with feelings, meanings and healing.

I am hiring the blogers to do the administrative work as they see it fit.

Now I am appointing you as the Grammarian and the Linguist Doctor on this blog even though your credentials are non academics and deals mainly with repetitive manual office works that are slightly above the janitor grade.

I congratulate you for promoting yourself instead being humiliated by another mindless.

Mes compliments remplit de piments.

I am authorizing you to call yourself: Self appointed-- Dr. Grammarian & Linguist.

This is a position without portefeuille because I assumed that you have a job and you want a better Haiti.

Dr. Grammarian Linguist job description:
1- Strong listening and reading skills
2- Ability to comprehend oral and writing communications
3- Ability to ask relevant questions regarding the above materials.

4- Ability to write sound, unbiased, concise report with utmost clarity

You will correct the misuse of the languages such as bad grammar, faulty syntax, and inappropriate choice of words in context and on this blog. That means if an [S], [ED], [ING], is omitted you must tell the writer.

If you find a dangling modifier I hope you don't have them yet, you must tell the writer how to change them. If you encounter a run-on sentence you must correct them
Remember what Karl Marx has said: The educator must himself be educated.

Now, I am pulling the curtain of reality to put an end to your presumptuous pedantry.

It is your turn to prove to the blogers your language competency not by saying "you don't know how to write English but by showing how you could correct them. The proof is in the pudding.

You must prove your claims otherwise they are fake, frauds and phonies.

I hope that you do not have skip to the nearest town tonight.

If you do I will really feel bad, bad, bad.
Bon courage.

Dr. Feel Bad
Self appointed Psychiatrist in chief on Preval blog

** [I really meant miseducated, unless you prove otherwise.]

Dr. Feel Bad, April 7 2010, 10:58 PM

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Congratulation, I am promoting you at your level of incompetence tonight. Why you continues to burying yourself even... read more >
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