I see that the President of Haiti Rene Preval welcoming...

Judith Jolicoeur - April 8 2010, 12:14 PM

I see that the President of Haiti Rene Preval welcoming Michaelle Jean who is not only a beautiful lady but have a good head and know what she is doing.

To me the look on President Rene Preval face was a look of a welcome way over do. He was happy to be there to welcome her. I told my friend "look at those two, man we are some good looking Haitian." I was and still happy to say that. My friend said yes they are and I didn't have to tell her who the lady in the picture was. Why do we Haitian do that to each other?

My friend that a America had something nice to say. Canada welcome her and you all saw that the President of the United State welcome her. Why is a man that I have never heard of have something bad to say. To President Rene Preval and Michaelle Jean, you too look good in that picture and I'm happy that I got to see it. Thank you to both of you for trying to lend a hand.

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Pichon or Plichon (kreyol) Plz show me how your dirty...

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