the naked truth

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Most postings on this blog seem to be fixated on Mulatto's wrong doing.

so be it.At this stage of the game, it is a mute point.

Real people who are experiencing the ills of this naked economic reality, most likely can't afford the Net.They are the ones who truly matter in the end ...

Go tell them not to leave the country when the rainy season is upon them.
Go tell them to stay put, help is coming when they don't have a home to go to.
go tell them you will take care of them when they are hungry and humanitarian help it yet on the way
Go tell them that pain medication is on its way, just to be patient
Go tell them that Doctors without borders will be there soon when they need help
Go tell them that post psychological traumas is only in their head, it's not real
Immediate problems should be taking care of first, If you truly CARE ABOUT YOUR PEOPLE, everything else is rhetoric at this point.

We should think about WHERE to lodge the homeless.

HOW to feed them. HOW to get medical help for them and HOW to ease their pain.
Do you know that the pledge made by the international community is NOT legally binding.

We have to wait and see how much Haiti ACTUALLY get. We have yet to find out AND it may not be tomorrow.

In the meanwhile our people are suffering.

IT IS OUR DUTY to help them. The neighbors are not responsible, we are.EVEN THE HAITIAN ELITE, is NOT responsible to a certain extent.They are in business, and business is in essence predatory.

You people, all of you and me are responsible this mess. We could have demanded better environmental control: We did not.
We could have demanded urban and rural development: We did not
We could have demanded: Uniform educational system: we did not
We could have demanded proper agricultural development: We did not
We could have demanded for a national taxation system: We did not
We could have educated our masses to elect proper officials: We did not
We could have elected NOT to use improper business services: We did not
We could have boycotted monopoly businesses: We did not
We could have educated our people to control our population growth: We did not
We could have demanded proper urban planning: We did not
We could have developed our own economic system: We did not
All of the above and more are the responsibilities of EVERY Haitian
Blaming others will not solve our problems but only compound them
Nevertheless, the pressing problem still remained: What are we going to do with our homeless, if the humanitarian aid does not come through fast enough?

Besides, looking to the mountains where wealthy people are; It would have been a very temporary solution.

The problems would persist still.The elite class does not have enough money to sustain everybody for a long period of time. That is the naked truth.

Bernadette S., April 8 2010, 8:44 PM

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Fico4u, 8-Apr-10 11:25 pm
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Gille, 9-Apr-10 10:08 am
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Marie Janty, 9-Apr-10 10:25 am
I couldn't agree more with this post. It is extremely unrealistic and unfair to expect one class of people to prop up... read more >
Ali, 9-Apr-10 10:55 am
well i guess a comunist haiti would be better were the goverment handels everything read more >
Fico4u, 9-Apr-10 1:41 pm
well i guess a comunist haiti would be better were the goverment handels everything read more >
Fico4u, 9-Apr-10 1:46 pm
We are on to something with these bloggers. Why should one small minority group of people be responsible for the rest... read more >
Marcy Paul, 9-Apr-10 3:41 pm
As I said this morning, Haitians must come together to find a solution to its problems. ALL Haitians must get involve... read more >
Gille, 9-Apr-10 3:55 pm
Your ideas are on target and understood. Unfortunately, Haitian people are not listening, right now, they are analog... read more >
Bernadete S., 10-Apr-10 4:03 pm
It is better to be occupied by foreign nations than being colonized by those lazy Haitian elites. Lazy elites can... read more >
Dessalines The Avenger, 10-Apr-10 5:19 pm
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