Beside drinking does he play poker, he sure shoot the shit...

Fico4u - April 8 2010, 11:58 PM

beside drinking does he play poker, he sure shoot the shit bluffing.

please elec someone that looks like a president that can represent haiti.

these guys are broke half asses wanting to be in power, haiti will never go forward, as long as they keep electing individuals that come from nothing whith no real vision .in what have you ever seen someone become president whith no real pass achievements, but strickly brain washing the un educated masses telling them that the private sector is the problem, since when was the private sector responsibel for the well being of the state.

Response to:

This is all hogwash/crap/BS! if Preval was really...


Video: President Preval on Haiti Elections and the Constitution

President Preval speaks about the future elections in Haiti. He also mentions that there is something terribly wrong...

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