He is a good man at the right.san vision

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When the president talking about election for what?

president to do what?

senators what for?

deputes for talking .After 20 years in power, president preval and his marassa Aristide show me and all haitian people what do you do for us .to make us think as a nation in the world.

not as a group of carnival.

If you want to deal with USA make a deal you want Canada go.You like Venezuela do what you feel. There is one thing I know, good or bad .Choose one .I choose the good.You are the president of Haiti .In the reform of our constitution .1.- Allows the Haitian people to vote for a president with a vice president for two mandate .The vice president is the senate president.

If anythings happen with you, he is the man for the Job.2.- Haiti needs two or 3 political parties, call the haitian people to vote for it. Allows the congress to hear each secretary or minister .3.-Judiciary :Judges will be elect, no longer appointed by president and congress.4- A supreme court member or a judges not allows to become president of Haiti; except if one of the 2 or 3 party choose so.make sure resign before running.5.-Autonomy, Power decentralization Departmental:Elect Governors to replace the appointed delegues of the provinces of Haiti.6-The mayor take the security of his own city by appointed any police officer to become chief of the city with the members.

Sergo Jean, April 9 2010, 2:43 PM

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