Haitian Elites' Name Changes

Jolibois Petithomme - April 12 2010, 12:12 AM

Middle Eastern Elites with Duvalier's Blessing or Brown Elite:

Mews from Mirtz, Saliba from Asalib, Castera from Kazra, Zuraick from Zurick, Sae from Sahie, Biggio from Boglio, Acra from Accra

From Jamaica:
Browny to Brown

From African Americans:
Baker (no change), Mecklemburg to Meclambourg, Leyburn to Lebrun, Brazil (no change), Brand to Brandt, Rebu, Biamby, Neptune, Leblanc, Leroy to Lerois, Bennett to Bennette, Raymonds to Raymond, Sejourne from Sojourne, McCalla, Thomas, Thompson, Jacobs,

From Dominican Republic:
Trouillot from Trujillo (1960), Raoul Cedras, Monsanto, Ramon to Raymond,

Old Mulatto Aristocracy:
Labossiere, Lauture, Lambert, Flambert, Legagneur, Desroches, Petitfrere, Lemieux, Leblanc, Louvain, Dalencourt, Dartiguenave, Geffrard, Lescot, Lapierre, Laplante, Laplanche, Calixte, Bazelais, Boyer, Sudre, Lescouflair, St-Remy, Barthole, Anathole, Pelissier, Cantave, Montbrum, Duvivier, Duchatelier, and Lherisson just to name a few. They are the rue Mulatto Creole born in Haiti, but their influence was reduced by Duvalier who did not know how to reconcile them with the dark skinned people in terms ofredistribution of wealth and other economic resources.

Duvalier betrayed the Haitian society by instituting those crooks from the Middle East to humiliate Haiti forever.

They made Haiti the poorest country on earth...

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