With a brown elite from the middle east that keeps destroying...

Dessalines The Tiger - April 13 2010, 8:52 PM

With a brown elite from the middle east that keeps destroying Haiti, the latter cannot be better.

Besides of natural disasters, we have a repugnant elite that does not want to give to Haitians a chance to enjoy beauty and good life. Those mercenaries made Haiti the worst place to live on earth.

They are destroying family ties through political divisions and they are financing kidnapping activities too. The middle eastern elite is doing everything to retain control of the Haitian market.

My heart will never instruct me to get them killed although many advocate death for them.

I always believe in change and I hope that one day they could change.

They state that they are superior and the dark skinned Haitians are inferior, but where is their superiority when they are destroying Haiti on a daily basis.

Importing foods to destroy Haitian agriculture and the economy, making Haitians become dependent of their fellow brothers and sisters in the diaspora and kidnapping people from the diaspora to seize money from them and make them stay away so they can continue to send money to those money transfer places are the worst things that the middle eastern people in Haiti are doing to discourage all Haitians.

Natural disasters occur in many countries around the world and not only in Haiti, but leaders in those countries know how to deal and cope with natural disasters whereas the blood sucker middle eastern people are bad and they made disaters worst.

If the brown elite of Haiti knew how to deal with disasters, the latter could be a blessing for Haiti.

One day GOD will wipe them off Haiti's map if they continue to treat Haiti like that.

The brown elites are the political and ecomic leaders in Haiti and they are the ones that made Haiti the poorest country on earth.

They need to thank Duvalier for giving them the key of the city of Port-Au-Pce to destroy Haiti like that. We will get justice one day and GOD will hear Haitians' cry. BEWARE!


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