The Brown Elites of Haiti Have No Ideas About Ecnomic Development

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You can see it on this blog. Their children have no ideas about developing the economy of Haiti.

All they do is smoking cocaine, drinking and stealing easy money from their families.

They are deceiving many of you on this blog, but do not be discouraged at all, for I am the Tiger and the Avenger of all Haitians' deception and I will bring you justice one day. I do not need to be president to change Haiti, but through reforms you and I will dismantle their corrupted system and free Haiti from their dirty hands.

The Brown Middle Eastern elites in Haiti are bad and we need to get them under control.

They are bad, but one day GOD will wipe them off the Haitian's map if they refuse to change their hearts and minds.

They are the new commanders of Haiti and they consider Haiti as their colony.

Haitians in Haiti, you are the one enduring the sufferings; therefore, you should step up to stop them.

Dessalines The Tiger, April 13 2010, 9:03 PM

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