You cannot change people with subhuman mentality. Haitians...

Antonio - April 21 2010, 12:36 PM

You cannot change people with subhuman mentality.

Haitians have a mentality to divide, destroy and conquer.

I will not let them tarnish my country's reputation.

We, DOMINICANS, are pragmatic people and not long time fighters like Haitians.

Throughout our history, we have chosen economic prosperity over political instability and we are a peaceful country.

We are asked to conquer Haiti through the UN and our political elites turned down the offer where the UN was told that would not serve the interests of the Dominicans.

We do not have any imperialistic view to divide and conquer as well. We are a Latin country and not a Caribbean country like Haiti.

Carbibbean derives from the Caribs that were cannibals.

You can understand why Haitians keep burning, killing opponents and eating their humans flesh.

They inherited that part from the Caribs.

I have supported HAITI in most of my postings, but the children of the Arab elites of HAITI tried to insult my country and I had to step up to defend my country's rights.

We feel sad for Haitians, for their elites are the destroyers of Haiti.

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