There is nothing wrong with Voodoo if it is used to help...

Earl Wheby Jr - April 22 2010, 4:45 PM

There is nothing wrong with Voodoo if it is used to help Haiti.

In the past there was only one big mistake in history of Haiti because of Voodoo and that was a long time ago when Haiti had war with Dominican Republic and Haiti had a brilliant General who was winning the war for Haiti until he received a message from Voodoo Priest that he should return home to Haiti at once which he did and Haiti lost the war! In next bout we should keep Voodoo Priests away from military leaders unless they have been approved by those loyal to the best interest of Haiti.

All certified Voodoo Priests welcome to contact me by leaving contact information to this post and we will form pro Baby Doc/Haiti group of Voodoo Priests to help restore Haitis' military and air force and help to establish military school in Haiti.

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voodoo is link to haiti's misery

I totally agree with the guy who posted that voodoo is linked to haiti's misery i think the haitian spiritual leaders...

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