A Middle East dark force is manipulating Haitians against the Arab-Haitians

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Warning: Haitians don't be naive! You are being manipulated by a dark force from the Middle East against the Arab-Haitians.

This dark force has its bases in the following places in Dominican Republic: Monte Cristi, Cabo Isabela, Luperon,Puerto Plata and Sosua.

Hughe sum of monies is financing this manipulation.

Haiti will not become a Gaza strip.

I urge you to investigate who want to replace the Arabs in Haiti.

Once they move into Haiti, they will slowly declare us Haitians terrorist in our own country and seized our land. Start investigating this matter before it is too late.

A Caribbean Observer, April 22 2010, 10:01 PM

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You are bringing false allegations and there is no such dark force manipulating Haitians against the brown elite of... read more >
Wilbert, 23-Apr-10 12:46 am
Here comes the CREEP again on a different name: You are bringing false allegations and there is no such dark force... read more >
Your Maitre-que, 23-Apr-10 1:09 am
Why don't you identify yourself dirty pigs. In the days ahead, if your parents do not stop financing mass protests in... read more >
Wilbert, 23-Apr-10 1:17 am
The creep again. The creep again said "they will lose everything, for we will burn whatever they have. They made their... read more >
Your Maitre-que, 23-Apr-10 1:34 am
Ou poko we salop. Roulo konprese a pral pase sou vant yo e yap sispann fe kou deta, touye moun e lage li sou do lot... read more >
Wilbert, 23-Apr-10 1:47 am
Lavalass pa ka joure gnwou lot Lavalasse. Mwoin se Aristidien a cent pou cent read more >
Your Maitre-que, 23-Apr-10 1:51 am
Kochon,wap chache pran kouveti Lavalas. Nap fan ou salop! Sa ou ko we. read more >
Wilbert, 23-Apr-10 1:54 am
Mwoin pas kon voye roche cache main.mwoin ka prouver ke moin supporter Aristide depuis bien longtemp.Moin pas Koue ou... read more >
Your Maitre-que, 23-Apr-10 1:58 am
This CREEP cannot even write in Haitian Creole. Look at how he wrote this Anmwoe for Anmwe. We should do like Trujillo... read more >
Wilbert, 23-Apr-10 1:59 am
I am 100% Haitian. I have doubt that you are 50% Haitian. Trujillo was not 100% Dominican he was violent like... read more >
Your Maitre-que, 23-Apr-10 2:11 am
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