The Duvalier crime family has no place in Haiti. I remember...

Lucienne Delacroix - April 22 2010, 10:14 PM

The Duvalier crime family has no place in Haiti.

I remember that his father Francois executed my Social Science teacher, my music teacher and her husband, my Latin teacher and some of my classmates.

I left Haiti before Jean Claude became president.Some people said that he was a playboy, bon viveur and he was not a killer.

I don't know about about that. I believe that he should pay for his father crimes and his sons and daughters should pay for their grand father crimes.

Beside, Jean Claude Duvalier does not have the intellectual capacity to be president anyway

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I know some of you will be very disturbed by my claim. But after more than 23 years where are we people in Haiti...

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