Listen brother, Jean-Claude Duvalier was a French citizen...

Wilbert - April 23 2010, 12:37 AM

Listen brother, Jean-Claude Duvalier was a French citizen before he was overthrown from power.

He had inherited a political power from his father due to the fact Simone Duvalier the ex-fiancee of Luckner Cambrone could not have a son. Denise Duvalier and Marie Nicole Duvalier were the ones to succeed Francois Duvalier and not Jean-Claude a French citizen from Ste-Lucie.

Duvalier Francois was not Haitian himself due to the fact he was born in Ste-Lucie.

If you want to get in touch with the Duvalier's family go to Ste-Lucie (San Lucia) and Pierre Duvalier one of the Jean-Claude's brothers would tell you how his father became president in Haiti a country from which he was not a citizen.

That would continue again due to the fact Haiti is a country without laws. Law is written on paper, but Bayonet is made with iron and not paper.

Calling for the return of Duvalier is to agree with that repugnant elite as instituted by Duvalier in mistreating Haitians as well as destroying the Haitian economy.

The brown elite or the Arab elite is importing all kinds of chemical foods to make Haitians suffer all kinds of diseases that Haitian doctors are not even trained for. Haitians will die with cancer in great numbers in the years to come and who will benefit of their deaths, those dirty pigs?

You are an Arab son hiding behind a Haitian mask to call for Duvalier's return.

However, Duvalier Francois did a lot of good things besides of the political killings to uplift black Haitian masses from abject poverty to a better social life when he was in power.

He ended segregation racial in schools, in housing as well as within Haiti's administration, but his stupid son did not continue his legacy.

He was a gambler and thief too. We do not need Jean-Claude Duvalier to become president again.

He can return to Haiti as a new immigrant to help in many other sectors, but for president that will never happen under my watch.

He is not Haitian and that was an error to have him as president of Haiti.

If you are an Arab's son in Haiti that will be only good for you, for your parents are seeking protection from him. Duvalier had destroyed the first economic elite of Haiti, the old mulatto aristocracy to replace it by those dirty pigs like Brandt, Castera, Saliba, Biggio and Accra to name a few. Duvalier destroyed Haiti's political and administrative divisions and made Haiti more dependent than ever to other foreign nations.

Before Duvalier seized power, Haiti had 5 strong provinces very autonomous and they were not dependent of Port-Au-Pce. That stupid increased them to 9 and weakened the political and administrative system that existed before him. Hell no, do not talk about that stupid regime anymore if you do not want to get destroyed in many pieces.

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