Sir, you have no case by trying to push Jean Claude Duvalier...

Lucienne Delacroix - April 23 2010, 12:56 AM

Sir, you have no case by trying to push Jean Claude Duvalier agenda on the Haitian people.

1-Jean Claude spend 800 millions he stole from the Haitian people on white women, on casinos, fast cars and other extravaganza in Europe.

Until recently he tried to get a portion of the left over monies from the Swiss banks.

That 800 millions dollars does not represent the total amount of the stolen money.

If this guy really loves the Haitian people, he could have returned the money to Haiti six months after he went to exile.

No, he kept the monies and spend it with French women, Italians women and other Europeans prostitutes.

Now he is getting old, tired,out of luck with Viagra and women and want to go back to Haiti to have good time. No, let those women that benefit from the stolen Haitian monies he poured on them take care of him in France.

I am pretty sure none of them deserted him☺☺☺.

Jean Claude is a thief.

He deserve to be in jail or to be put in a cage in Port-au Prince so visitors and tourist will have to pay a $5-fees to take his picture in the room. I am pretty sure he will have plenty visitors and tourists to visit him and that will help us recuperate some of the monies he stole from us.
2-Jean Claude Duvalier is not an intellectual.

If you put a sub-literate like him as president he will be a liability and not an asset for the country.

This is a disgrace for you to mention someone like him as president.

Your IQ is probably very low.We have too many academically well prepared young Haitians for the presidency who have the competency, in the caliber of people like Fignole, Aristide,Bellerive, Preval Manigat, Bazin,Latortue, Truilliot,so why you want to bring a certified cretin like Jean Claude Duvalier in the picture.

If you are in doubt ask his classmates and former teachers at college Bird about his lamentable intellect.

3-Regarding the question of safety, you must understand the world is changing.

The realities of the 1960's are no longer exist.

Check the New York Times you will that they had less crimes in NY during the 60's also.You have a fixation with yesteryear.

You are not in touch with realities.The Duvalier crime family has a track record with crime, executions,corruptions.I remember when his father executed two young peoples in front of the commentary in Port-Au-Prince.They should execute him and his children in Port-Au-Prince the same way as a pay back for the crimes of his father.

I hope Jean Claude and his children and grand, grand children will have to pay the crime committed by Francois Duvalier.

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