My son Wilbert, lets not get angry here and start tossing...

Earl Wheby Jr - April 23 2010, 8:58 AM

My son Wilbert, lets not get angry here and start tossing threats around about my destruction into many pieces, etc. because I have spoken the truth and simply made post agreeing with others who have made comments here calling for the return of Baby Doc. I am not an "Arab son" as you put it. It was my grandfather who was the Arab, he was briefly kings of the first short lived Royal Kingdom of Greater Syria and was forced to flee to U.S. where he married an American woman.

Even though I may have an Arab last name its a far cry from making me "an Arab son" when I am only about 1/8th Arab. The only reason I even mentioned my hertiage and ancestry is because once the Royal Kingdom of Greater Syria is re-established we will be in a position to offer aid and assistance to Haiti.

Go to google and put in "Royal Kingdom of Greater Syria" and you will find us listed there.

Now to some of your other points.

Maybe Baby Doc was born in France but France claims he is not a citizen and if he were born of Haitian parents he is Haitian.

People are trying to make this same argument against U.S. President Obama that he is somehow not a citizen.

Who should have come after Papa Doc I don't find fault with what you say except to say its a little too late now to change those things.

We need to move forward and Baby Doc along with all former leaders are needed to bring unity to Haiti.

The first thing I believe we need to do is stop all the internal fighting.

Next we need to move quickly to establish a military and air force for Haiti and to get the U.N. troops out of the country, Finally there is no need to rush into what will be a LONG and costly rebuilding process.

What needs to come first is the liberation of the island and Haitians can then move into fancy resorts that were illegally constructed on Haitian lands.

This will be a new policy similar to previous U.S. policy called "Manifest Destiny".

It other words, its "Manifest Destiny" (Gods will) that Haiti is entitled to the entire island but before this can happen we need (1) Unity (2) An army and an air force.

Lets all work together my son.

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