You do not need to wait for the Royal Greater Kingdom of Syria...

Jean Bertrand Legrand - April 23 2010, 1:45 PM

You do not need to wait for the Royal Greater Kingdom of Syria to be reestablished, you should go back to the country that you feel belong to help. Haiti will not need your help after you and your parents have destroyed it. Your parents' wealth is made through thievery, kidnapping, coups d'etats, hefty rates on loans, drugs trafficking and political assassinations of others same old shit that Duvalier had to do when he was in power in Haiti.

You have destroyed the economy of Haiti through food imports in great numbers and now you are accusing Bill Clinton.

Arabs became the elite of Haiti through the Duvaliers' army and now you are calling for an army in Haiti.

You will lose everything if you do not try to calm down and ask for forgiveness.

You should donate some of your wealth through the reconstruction of Haiti if you still want to stay in Haiti.

In the days ahead, you will know between Aristide, Duvalier and the Arabs who will be the most popular figure in Haiti.

The Great Kingdom of Zulu will come back to restore justice and fairness to all Haitian people.

You just need to shut up. Aristide should be back. No Duvalier and the Army in Haiti, beware!

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My son Wilbert, lets not get angry here and start...



I know some of you will be very disturbed by my claim. But after more than 23 years where are we people in Haiti...

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